Cooperative Robotic Exploration of Dangerous Areas

The aim of the project is research of heterogeneous multiplatform robotic system that is suitable for reconnaissance of dangerous or inaccessible
areas. The robots, as well as the whole system, will use the most advantageous, and in certain cases unique, today’s knowledge and technologies,
above all from artificial intelligence, sensors, and communication research areas. Unique user interface based on visual telepresence, that
allows control of all robots by one operator only, will be made.

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Centre for Applied Cybernetics III

Centre for Applied Cybernetics 3 extends the centre supported through projects LN00B096 and 1M0567. It will pool top research and application capacities of the public and private sectors in a long-term collaborative effort. The objective is to obtain new results in modelling and control of electric power generation, distribution and conversion, in intelligent man-machine interaction, in machine perception and image analysis, and to provide new optimization tools for industrial informatics.

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