About the LTR

LTR s.r.o. is robotic company established in 2009 in order to transfer scientific results from research in robotics into the practice. The team is composed from experienced engineers and researchers in SW, robotic and biomedical domain from research group Robotics and AI, Department of Control and Instrumentation, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, and Central European Institute of Technology, Brno University of Technology. Our company cooperates closely with our maternal academic institution.

What we offer?

  • Construction of custom mobile robot – we are experienced in design and prototyping of mobile robots intended for special purposes and applications. We are able to construct robots able to work in hard terrain, they can be waterproof, easy-to-decontaminate and/or compliant with various MIL-STDs.
  • Custom robotic applications – our company disposes with not wide portfolio of mobile robots. Using our knowledge, we can design your custom robotic solution for specific experiment or application. We are able to cooperate on scientific problems, but we can also offer fully developed products.