Orpheus AM

Rescue and health teams often work under dangerous conditions. They must carry out their tasks even when there is a danger of being trapped in a collapsing building, of suffering contamination from dangerous biological or chemical substances, of being exposed to radiation, of facing an explosion, or being subject to any number of threats in the course of an armed military mission. All of these threaten the health and even the lives of rescuers and risk diminishing the effectiveness of their interventions.

Orpheus AM is special medical reconnaissance robotic system which can be used for searching for individuals in hazardous situations, ascertaining their state, ensuring voice communication and where needed the transport of medicines and liquids. The Orpheus-AM robot can carry out activities in practically all possible weather conditions and is able to carry out searches effectively when it is completely dark, work in contaminated settings and go through the decontamination process.

The Orpheus robotic system can be operated via a cable or by remote control and meets the strict military norms of MIL-STD in the areas of EMC, mechanical durability, influences of the surroundings and special influences.