Orpheus X4

Kolový mobilní robot pro průzkum nedostupných nebo nebezpečných oblastí. Robot může být ovládán dálkově operátorem pomocí tzv. teleprezence nebo může pracovat autonomně – oba režimy mohou být kombinovány.

Wheeled robot for work in inaccessible or dangerous areas. The robot can be controlled remotely by the operator using visual telepresence or work autonomously. It contains 3 degrees-of-freedom extremely precise camera manipulator with 6 cameras – 2 thermal imagers, 2 hi-res color cameras, 1 overview camera, 1 time-of-flight proximity camera. Inside the robot there are two Intel Core i5 computers with optionally Microsoft Windows or Linux operating system. The robot is equipped with high-precision dual-input RTK-GNSS receiver, MEMS-based INS and odometry. The robot can be optionally equipped with landing platform for drones.

Parameter Value Unit
Dimensions (l x w x h) folded 881 x 590 x 680 mm
Wheel diameter 426 mm
Weight 56 kg
Operational time (full charge) 45 min.
Maximum speed 12 km/h
Max. obstacle height 20 cm
Communication reach (line-of-sight) 300 m

Orpheus X1, X2, X3

Series of Orpheus robots started in 2003, when Orpheus X1 was introduced. It was four-wheel platform equipped with two motors connected to pair of wheels by cogged belt. It has been intended for general reconnaissance and in the same year, it has won the RoboCup Rescue League in Padova, Italy.

Orpheus X2 is upgraded version of X1, equipped with four motors driving each single wheels. It is able to finish the mission also in case of failure of one (or two diagonal) motor. It has been intended mainly for rescue reconnaissance.

Orpheus X3 is multifunctional robotic platform intended for various exploring and measurements in dangerous and unreachable areas. It is equipped with advanced multi-spectral telepresence arm fusing the information from 3D scanner, CCD camera and thermovision.

Generally, the Orpheus X series is intended for experimental and research reconnaissance purposes and Orpheus AC series is intended for military use.


Orpheus-X3 featuring in localization of lost radiation sources