Cooperative Robotic Exploration of Dangerous Areas

Centre for Applied Cybernetics 3 extends the centre supported through projects LN00B096 and 1M0567. It will pool top research and application capacities of the public and private sectors in a long-term collaborative effort. The objective is to obtain new results in modelling and control of electric power generation, distribution and conversion, in intelligent man-machine interaction, in machine perception and image analysis, and to provide new optimization tools for industrial informatics.

Project Information

State funding provider: Ministry of Interior (MV)

Programme: VG – Security Research for the Needs of the State 2010-2015 (2010-2015)

Identification number: VG20122015096

Project period: 1.1.2012 – 31.12.2015

Total project cost: 8,7 mil. CZK

Total state budget subsidy: 6,9 mil. CZK (6,9 mil. CZK for LTR)